Covid 19

WinterFeis 2021 Safety Procedures and Guidelines

The Cashel Academy of Irish Dance and its Parent Booster Organization are grateful to have the opportunity to host the 23rd annual WinterFeis on February 6, 2021. We thank you in advance for being a part of our competition. Due to the concerns of COVID-19, we must take safety precautions, and all attendees must follow the procedures and guidelines within this document. These added efforts will help to keep everyone that attends the feis safe, and aid in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Please email if you have a question about this information or the feis. 

We urge you to read through this document in its entirety before traveling to the competition. If you or your dancer are not able to comply with these guidelines, please do not attend the competition.

General Regulations:

  • Masks must be worn correctly by spectators and dancers at all times. Dancers may remove their masks only while dancing on stage.
  • Spectators and dancers must keep 6 feet away from people not living in their household.
  • No camping.
  • Dancers must arrive ready to dance. Please try to limit the number of items that you bring with you to the competition.

Anyone not following the rules will be disqualified from WinterFeis and will be asked to leave the competition venue.

Please DO NOT attend this competition if any of the following apply:

Before the Feis

You must do the following before February 6:

  • Register one allowed spectator. 
  • Complete a waiver form. Spectator registration is included in the COVID-19 waiver.

One registered spectator per dancer will be permitted to attend and must be registered prior to arriving at the feis. This is important for contact tracing, and no exceptions will be made.

What to bring


  • Masks – Dancers may not wear masks with their dance school name or logo.


  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wipes
  • Water bottle filled with water

No Carry-Ins

Please note that there is no carry-in of food or beverage at the competition. The hotel will have food and beverage available for purchase. There is also a restaurant on site, and there are many restaurants within a short driving distance of the venue.

Entering the Venue

The following attendees can enter the feis:

  • Pre-registered dancers
  • One pre-registered guest/spectator for each dancer
  • Judges
  • Musicians
  • Volunteers

Please enter the Feis venue through the East Entrance (near the Lake Country Ballroom) no more than 30 minutes before your dancer’s scheduled competition start time. Please do not plan to come earlier than this. We must keep the capacity at a low rate to comply with the state and local guidelines.


Registration will be open:

  • Friday, February 5th, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 pm. (Feis Office – Woodland Rm – Off Hotel Lobby) 
  • Saturday, February 6, starting at 7:30 a.m. (Lake Country Ballroom Foyer)

At registration, you will receive:

  • Dancer wristband
  • Spectator wristband
  • Paper bag for masks
  • Dancer number card

Entering the Competition Space (Ballroom with Stage)

Dancers should arrive to the ballroom of their scheduled stage no more than 15 minutes before the published start time. Competitions will not start before the published time.

Go directly to a pair of chairs when you enter. Please do not move the chairs.

Room Set-up:

  • Pairs of chairs for the dancer and spectator will be placed 6-8 feet apart.
  • Dancers should arrive to the room 10-15 minutes prior to their competition start time.
  • Dancers and spectators must remain in their seats unless dancer is lined up or dancing.
  • Stage managers will facilitate entrance and exit from the competition.
  • Stage managers will dismiss dancers when the competition has ended.

Do Not:

  • Wander the ballroom
  • Congregate in groups
  • Socialize with other dancers/spectators

Dancer Information

  1. The stage manager will call each group from the chairs to check-in at the podium.
  2. Dancers will stand on the taped X with their masks on and bags in hand along the side of the stage. 
  3. A stage manager will come to the dancers in line to check them in. DO NOT crowd the lectern. 
  4. Once dancers are checked in, they will move forward to the next set of X’s side stage. 
  5. Two dancers will perform at a time. 
  6. When it is your dancer’s turn to dance, they will come to the center of the stage (two dancers at a time). At that time, the dancer may take off their mask, put it in their labeled paper bag, and put their paper bag on the table. 
  7. If your dancer is not first in line, she/he may take their mask off while the two dancers before them are dancing on stage, put their mask in their labeled paper bag, put their paper bag on the table, and stand in their spot on stage ready to compete. 
  8. When the current dancers are done – they will bow and walk IMMEDIATELY off stage to the mask table, get their masks, and put them back on – and leave the stage area.


  • Once the group before your dancer begins dancing, your dancer may:
    • Take their mask off
    • Place it in their bag
    • Place their bag on the table
  • After dancing:
    • Exit the stage
    • Pick-up their bag
    • Put their mask back on
    • Return to their seat
  • Dancers are welcome to dance with their masks on. The judges are aware that dancers do not have to remove their masks when dancing. 
  • NOTE: Dancers may NOT wear masks with their dance school name or logo while in competition attire.

Stage managers are volunteers committed to providing a safe opportunity for your dancer. They are available to answer your questions.

Please go over this information with your dancer before the competition.


  • Competition results will be available ONLINE ONLY at
  • There will NOT be a results room/board with posted results.
  • Dancers may pick up their awards at a designated award pick up area location near the East Entrance

Exiting the Venue

Please leave the venue immediately after you collect your awards. Exit via the labeled exit doors near the awards pick up location.


It is important that everyone follow the rules so that we run a safe Feis, and all of our attendees feel comfortable.

These procedures follow local and state guidelines and CDC recommendations.

Cashel Academy of Irish Dance Parent Booster Organization and Cashel Academy of Irish Dance reserves the right to ask any dancer and/or spectator to leave the competition if they are not able to follow the regulations.

Thank you for helping us to host a safe competition for our dancers and families. We are grateful for your support!