WinterFeis 2022 COVID-19 Guidelines

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The Cashel Academy of Irish Dance and its Parent Booster Organization are grateful to have the opportunity to host the 24th annual WinterFeis on January 15, 2022. We thank you in advance for being a part of our feis and for doing your part to keep your family and all of our dancers, spectators, judges, musicians, and volunteers as safe as possible. Due to the continued concerns of COVID-19, all attendees must follow the procedures and guidelines set forth in this document. 

    • Dancers are welcome to dance with or without their masks. Dancers may remove their masks while dancing on stage.
    • Dancers may NOT wear masks with their dance school name or logo while in competition attire.
  • Each Dancer may bring only ONE spectator. We ask that families respect all attendees and volunteers by following this rule.
  • Dancers and Spectators are encouraged to maintain social distancing from people not living in their household.
  • Camping will be limited and allowed only in designated areas. Please try to limit the number of items you bring with you to the competition.
  • No carry in food or beverages. Concessions will be available in both buildings.
    • Championship awards will be announced and distributed in person. Distribution times will be posted outside the Awards room in the Pavilion.
    • Grades awards will be available in bags near the entrance of the Ziegler Family Expo Center after all of a Dancer’s results have posted ONLINE at Quickfeis. 

If you or your Dancer are not able to comply with these Guidelines, please do not attend the feis. The Cashel Academy of Irish Dance Parent Booster Organization and the Cashel Academy of Irish Dance reserve the right to ask any dancer and/or spectator to leave the competition if they are not able to follow the regulations.

Direct questions about these Guidelines or the feis to